London freelance copywriting, copy-editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, blogging and business mentoring

Are you searching for the right words for a website, company brochure, or blog post? Maybe you want some marketing ideas for a new project or a revamp of all your business communications?

You need someone like me who'll get under the skin of your business and understand exactly where you're coming from.

I write engaging copy that is underpinned by tried and tested advertising methods.

And I believe in creating meaningful and useful content.

That means your customers get an enriched brand experience that not only presses their buttons and gets them to buy, but also makes them feel connected to your story.

And that connection is what creates a brand with serious potential to go places.

Want a professional copywriter to help drive sales and customer engagement? Contact me today for a no obligation chat about your needs.


Marketing material written from scratch and thoroughly researched to give you a competitive edge. This is a comprehensive copywriting service, ideal if you have no time or writing ability. Website copy, digital content, brochures, promotional leaflets, press releases, email marketing, case studies- wherever you need compelling words.


Expanding bare bones outlines, editing drafts and bringing existing copy in line with your brand. As with copywriting, copy-editing covers a wide range of areas. If you've got a bulleted list of content or a rough draft of copy, I can re-work what's there to make sure it's really connecting with your customers.


Polishing existing copy, proofreading is more than just checking for errors and stray words, it's also making sure it's cohesive and makes sense. If you enjoy writing for your business, I can tidy up your copy and make sure it's the best voice for your brand. It's you, cleaned up and wearing your best outfit. You know, the one you save for special occasions.


Anonymous authoring in line with your tone of voice for books, articles, speeches- anything that requires a discrete writer to check their ego- and byline- at the door. I can work from an outline or do research around a topic myself, depending on your requirements.

Blogging for business

Engaging blog posts with naturally worded SEO so that Google will love you and your customers will too. I can help you use blogging as a strategic tool for business growth by expanding existing ideas or research from scratch and apply your brand voice to posts. I can also offer advice on what to blog about if you want to do the writing yourself.

Copy appraisal

Not sure if your current copy is working hard enough for you or whether it's saying exactly what you're about as a brand? I can look at your existing copy, research your place in your industry and suggest tone of voice and areas of improvement to give you the edge in a crowded marketplace.

Communication and marketing revamp

If you want to put in place good copywriting and marketing practises for your business, I can equip you with practical advice for self-directed improvement. I'll look at your existing marketing and copy, suggest improvements, and give you resources (such as a content calendar, copywriting basics, tone of voice workbook) for specific areas of concern to keep you focused.

One off sessions- Tea + Sympathy

Got a big project coming up and need to get clear on your objectives and gain perspective? Need an impartial and critical mind to pick apart a problem? Choose the focus area that you need help with and we'll get together in person over coffee to talk everything through. Take a few hours away from the desk, gain much needed insight, and feel refreshed with enthusiasm. We can do this over skype if you're not London based, but Candour & Polish terms and conditions stipulate a relaxed coffee shop atmosphere regardless!

Skype calls
Cups of coffee
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